Minecraft Mod Design


Minecraft Mod Design


Grades: 5-8

In this camp, students will create their own Minecraft mod. This is not installing and playing an existing mod but designing an entire mod from scratch! Using Java and the development environment Eclipse, campers will learn how to manipulate Minecraft to create specific items like swords, tools, food, blocks, armor, biomes, achievements and mobs. Each item is customizable. Want a sword that summons lightning? Food that makes a character run 20x faster? This camp teaches the skills to accomplish these types of modifications and more. At the end of the week, students will have their own mod to share and will have the necessary skills to continue designing future mods.

• Instructor: High Tech Kids

• Dates: Week 9: July 24-28

• Times: 12:30-3:30pm

• Location: Midway Campus

• Cost: $235

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