Thrive in the Hive - Girls' Workshop


Thrive in the Hive - Girls' Workshop


Grades: 5-8

In her book, Thrive in the Hive, Stephanie Jensen explores social roles and challenges girls to discover their own relationship style. According to recent research, girls are more likely than boys to report being bullied. Other studies have shown that girls are often more adept in using other forms of destructive relational aggression including exclusion, isolation, gossiping, sarcasm, pitting friends against one another, and revealing or altering personal secrets. Snapchat, Instagram and Twitter can further enable this behavior. Jensen offers practical replacement behaviors such as direct communication, honesty and apologies to “flip the script” on negative peer interactions. This camp will offer fresh perspectives and practical strategies for helping relationally aggressive girls and their targets, while also enabling bystanders to become interveners and defenders. This camp is taught by Parish Episcopal School’s Lower and Middle School Counselor, Elaine Charles.

• Instructor: Elaine Charles, M.A., LPC-S, Parish Episcopal School

• Dates: Week 2: June 5-9

• Times: 9:00am-12:00pm

• Location: Midway Campus

• Cost: $200

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