Parish Summer campers


Our Parish Summer Day Camp is offered all summer long and is packed with fun activities like color wars, water slides, pep rallies, party animal and more. Mix and match a half day of Parish Summer Day Camp with specialty camps to create your perfect summer adventure.


Build a Ferris Wheel, have a ninja battle, sing on stage, paint a masterpiece...these experiences await!

Our half-day Lower School camps allow you to mix and match according to your child's interests and schedule. With so many options, they're bound to have a summer they won't forget!

Parish Summer campers participating on a musical theater camp in Dallas, Texas.


Finding camps for your middle schooler can be tough (what isn't about middle school?!). Some are still discovering their talents while others are looking for more advanced instruction. Some may still need a bit of supervision and others are completely independent. We understand this fine line and offer a variety of camps to best serve your middle school student where they are right now. 


Summer is a fantastic time for your upper school child to dive deeper into their interests, complete volunteer hours, enhance their college resume or get a jump start on a tricky academic subject. Parish Summer offers these types of opportunities in a weekly format in a variety of areas including academics, arts, athletics, languages and STEM. Choose programs according to your child's interests and schedule. We promise there will still be time to sleep in and sit by the pool!


ParishVirtual is a platform for “blended” learning. This means that courses have a mixture of online work and the traditional classroom experience in which students are expected to attend class at Parish. ParishVirtual offers several courses over the summer to give students the opportunity to take certain required electives or accelerated courses over the summer for credit.

Special Programs

We also offer special programs for both Middle and Upper School students that fall outside of the usual camp or class. These are unique opportunities like our Summer Research program where students work with faculty to design and develop their own research project. They are customized programs that cater to your schedule like Driver’s Ed. Make sure to consider these are your planning your child’s summer.