World Religions (Section 2)


World Religions (Section 2)


Grade: 11
This course provides a historical, critical and comparative study of the world’s major expressions of religious experience, namely Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Judaism and Islam. Additional topics may include contemporary religious issues, other world religions, and various approaches to religious plurality. This is a one trimester course which counts .333 credits toward Parish graduation requirements, and it fulfills the 11th grade religious studies requirement. Students are required to attend four of seven face-to-face sessions. More information will be provided at an information session during the first week of May. Instructors will contact students with an exact date and time. 
• Credit: one trimester, .333 credit
   Father Robert Odom, 
   Parish Episcopal School (section 2)
• Dates & Times:  

   Section 2: May 29 (4:00pm)
   June 14, 19, 21, 28 (10:00am)
   July 10, 17 (10:00am)
• Cost: $675

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