The Summer 2017 PlayWisely class schedule can be found here. To register for the remainder of summer classes please contact Nancy Powers, Director of ParishExtend.

Register for Fall 2017 PlayWisely here.

Parish Episcopal School is excited to have PlayWisely® as a part of our Parish Summer class offerings. PlayWisely's Developmental Wellness curriculum is designed to optimize each child’s natural developmental potential for learning and movement ability. PlayWisely's innovative card system develops attention, recognition, memory and language skills exercising essential school readiness skills. Physical activities focus on developing visual motor, gross motor, balance and strength ability laying key foundations for future fitness and athletic ability.
Each class is 30 minutes per week and parents participate with their child to optimize the learning experience. Classes are offered for the five age groups below:

  • Babies 1 (4 -8 months)
  • Babies 2 (8-12 months)
  • Toddler 1 (12 – 18 months)
  • Toddler 2 (18 – 30 months)
  • Toddler 3 (30 – 42 months)

PlayWisely classes will be held on the Hillcrest campus located at: 14115 Hillcrest Road, Dallas, TX 75254.

If you have any questions about PlayWisely at Parish please contact Nancy Powers, Director of ParishEXTEND.