Athletic Development - DX3 Beast Week

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Athletic Development - DX3 Beast Week


Grades: 2-4, 5-8

This camp is designed to improve confidence and fitness through fundamental athletic development. DX3 coaches are certified trainers who specialize in working with kids. Coaches work with each group at their level to introduce proper running mechanics, safe posture, movement and age appropriate resistance training. Athletes will gain cognitive athletic IQ through simple instruction and physical application. These sessions also cover effective warm-ups, flexibility, core development, injury mitigation and so much more. This camp is perfect for the developing athlete or anyone who wants to elevate their fitness level. Bring out your inner beast on the court or field with the help of DX3!
• Instructor: DX3 Athlete
• Dates: Week 7: July 9-13
• Time: 9:00am-12:00pm (2nd-4th), 
   12:30-3:30pm (5th-8th)
• Cost: $200

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