Hoops, Scoops, & Shots


Hoops, Scoops, & Shots


Grades: PreK-K

Hoops, Scoops & Shots combines three highly popular coeducational sports into a fun packed week of interactive skill building with an emphasis on fitness and exercise. Hoops includes the fundamentals of basketball with a focus on passing, shooting, dribbling and basic game rules. Scoops includes an introduction to lacrosse and stresses skills development in cradling, passing, scooping and catching. Shots will include the highly popular USTA Texas Hot Shots tennis curriculum which combines basic skills and interactive games to reinforce learning. Each section will emphasize agility, accuracy, flexibility, balance, stamina, coordination and speed.

• Instructor: Kidokinetics of Dallas

• Dates: Week 1: May 30-June 2 Week 6: July 3, 5-7

• Times: 12:30–3:30pm

• Location: Midway Campus

• Cost: $185

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