Yoga For Athletes

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Yoga For Athletes


Grades: 3-8

During the first half of this camp, athletes will follow a fitness oriented yoga practice which will improve core strength, stamina, breath work and focus. Their increased flexibility and balance will help them stave off injury on the court or field. During the second half of the camp, athletes will move to the weight room where they will be led in a series of strength, speed and agility training exercises. This camp is perfect for any athlete looking to gain a competitive edge. Please wear fitted clothing that wicks away sweat such as leggings and a fitted tank top for girls, t-shirt and shorts with bike shorts underneath for boys. Yoga mats are required.

• Instructor: Kate Ward, The Happi Yogi & Travis Wilson, Parish Episcopal School

• Dates: Week 8: July 17-21

• Times: 9:00am–12:00pm

• Location: Midway Campus

• Cost: $185

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