Why Do Kids Need Summer Camp Now More Than Ever?

By: David Fisher, Director of Parish Summer

Mobile device dependency is part of our society, and we witness this in all parts of our life. Recently I was sitting down to dinner with my family and found myself falling into the same trap as other parents with young children, handing over a mobile device for my children to watch a video or play a game while my wife and I enjoyed a much needed meal.

It was in that instant of serenity I said to my wife, "I wonder what parents did thirty years ago?" After many years of being involved with summer camps, I am happy to know campers are spending time outside with friends or engaging in a variety of activities with their counselors while unknowingly “unplugging.” Navigating the world with and without technology is important for campers and adults. Summer camp can provide opportunities to learn how to use technology responsibly and purposefully, it also offers the chance to take a “tech break” and interact with friends face-to-face.

Parish Summer offers more than 200 programs during a 12-week period. Our programs are open to the public and provide multiple opportunities for campers to discover new activities and meet new people. Join Parish Summer for some good old fashioned fun! Our staff looks forward to working with all families and creating a great experience for everyone. Check out the catalog or call 972.852.8752

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