Coding with Microsoft Game Developer

Coding with Microsoft Game Developer


Grades: 1-3

This camp will get you out of just playing video games and into the world of creating them. Using Microsoft’s programming language Kodu Game Lab, you will learn the computational thinking needed to put together games to play with your friends and family. This first step into programming can help students understand the logical processes required to create a running game / program. Kodu Game Lab allows them to using their own ideas and creativity to create their own simple game that they can then play with their campmates.  Our class encourages young minds to use their problem solving skills, outside the box thinking, and confidence to make something that they can be proud of.

●     Instructor: Rex Programming

●     Dates: Week 3: June 6-10, Week 9: July 22-26, Week 10:  July 29-August 2

●     Times: 9:00am-12:00pm (Week 9), 12:30-3:30pm (Week 3, 10)

●    $250


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