Karate Ninja Camp

Karate Ninja Camp


Grades: K-2

This popular camp develops karate skills while improving balance and physical fitness as each camper trains to be a ninja. Campers will learn karate techniques, play games and work toward a striping ceremony. Ninjas will battle it out with padded swords and shields in their quest to become the ultimate warrior. The camp also incorporates the 3-Steps to a Great Kid program, a character development curriculum which emphasizes respect for the instructors, the camp and fellow students. Campers do not need to wear a gui to this camp.

  • Instructor: Chamberlain Studios of Self Defense

  • Dates: Week 7: July 8-12, Week 10: July 29-August 2, Week 12: August 12-16

  • Times: 9:00am-12:00pm

  • $220


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