Minecraft Societies*

Minecraft Societies*


Grades: 4-6

The Minecraft Societies curriculum is built to challenge campers to discover teamwork, harness their ingenuity and enhance their social and problem-solving skills. Students establish an outpost in a harsh Minecraft environment and discover which type of government, infrastructure and security is necessary to transform an outpost into a small city. As the city starts to take shape, campers will vote on their town’s priorities such as education, healthcare or public works. Each choice will affect the growth and viability of the city, and students will be able to observe the effect of their decisions. Instructors will conduct student interviews to engage them in a dialogue about what they have learned. These interviews and a aerial tour of their completed city will be available for viewing on the 8Bit website. Students do not need their own Minecraft accounts to attend

this camp.

  • Instructor: 8Bit Education

  • Dates: Week 1: May 28-31, Week 12: August 12-16

  • Times: 12:30-3:30pm

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