Character, Communication & Confidence

Character, Communication & Confidence


Grades: 6-8
Through games and activities developed specifically for middle school aged students, campers will learn to discover their best self, grow their grit and build self-confidence. The particular skills taught will include active listening,  learning how to describe what you are feeling when you aren't sure yourself and managing emotions and self-regulation. Students will be given fun and practical individual and team activities/games in order to practice their newly acquired skills and master the art of becoming their "better selves". Each week of class can be taken independently or in succession.

Mea Ahlberg is a professor of Business Communication at the University of Texas at Dallas with over 18 years of experience working with young adults to become more successful individuals through effective communication and improvement of their organizational skills.

●     Instructor: Mea Ahlberg, University of Texas at Dallas

●     Dates: Week 2: June 3-7, Week 3: June 10-14

●     Times: 9:00am-12:00pm

●    $250


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