DJ Academy: Introduction to Music Production & Performance

DJ Academy: Introduction to Music Production & Performance


Grades: 3-6

In today’s music, there are so many more sounds than could ever be produced with traditional instruments. Almost all music today is produced and consumed using some sort of software. This camp teaches students how to create their own beats, sounds and style through the use of software-based virtual instruments. Campers will learn how to program and play these instruments, as well as how to record, save, modify, loop, sample and build a unique live performance of their customized tracks. Each camper will be outfitted with his or her own workstation that includes a computer, software, synth plugins, MIDI controllers, speakers and headphones. Students will have the option to showcase their work to families and friends on the last day of camp. Get a DJ name ready and get ready to rock!

●     Instructor: OontzKids

●     Dates: Week 2: June 3-7

●     Times: 12:30-3:30pm

●    $350


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