Typing - QWERTY

Typing - QWERTY


Grades: 5-12

Touch typing is an essential skill that will enhance your child’s use of technology in the classroom. From writing English papers to code, the ability to touch type increases efficiency, the ability to multi-task and productivity. Small in size and tailored to each student’s level and pace, this class focuses on finger dexterity and maintaining home-row key positioning.  Middle school students, especially those entering 5th grade, are strongly encouraged by Middle School administration to take Typing.

  • Instructor: SPOTS

  • Dates: Week 2: June 3-7, Week 4:  June 17-21, Week 8: July 15-19, Week 9: July 22-26, Week 11: August 5-9, Week 12: August 12-16

  • Times: 10:30am-12:00pm

  • $295


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