Work for Parish Summer

Interested in making a difference in kids' lives? From college students looking to gain work experience to seasoned professionals wanting to share their gifts through special programs, we want to hear from you!

Full-time Positions

  • No full-time positions currently available. 

Parish Summer Camp Counselor

Our carefully selected staff is comprised of former campers, high school/college students, teachers and professionals, who are trained to be outstanding camp role models. They sing, high five, cheer, care, nurture, listen, understand and uphold the highest Parish Summer standards. Parish Summer Counselors are responsible for leading and implementing core and non-core programs and experiences for campers in a small group setting. They will also be responsible for the general safety, development, growth and skill achievement of the participants in his/her group.

The 2017 counselor application process is now closed. Please check back in January 2018!

counselor responsibilities

  • Group supervision of campers with attention to all of the following: program, health, happiness, discipline, cleanliness, safety, routine duties, character and skill development.
  • Support the social adjustment of EACH camper.
  • Assist campers with planning and implementing projects and activities.
  • Promote camper participation in ALL activities.
  • Lead and assist campers with clean up responsibilities.
  • Rotate with other counselors for various responsibilities. 



  • Teach or assist with camp programs and encourage camper participation.
  • Exhibit positive personal habits, health, dress, speech, table etiquette and relationships with other staff in order to serve as a beneficial model to campers.
  • Set a good example in ALL aspects of camp. Camp is a fun learning experience.
  • Address any issues or difficulties with the camp director.

hiring process

Each and every Parish staff member is selected after undergoing a thorough application and interview process. We receive many applicants for each opening and therefore are highly selective. Previous employment with Parish Summer does not guarantee future employment. Applicants must be at least 15 years old to apply.

The process includes:

  • Staff Application - Completed online - Due by April 6, 2018
  • Personal Interview - Conducted by the Camp Director or Assistant Director
  • Professional/Personal References (3) - A combination of individuals from work and/or school who can attest to your skills and integrity
  • Criminal Background Check - To be completed by all counselors ages 18 and older

Hired counselors will be required to:

  • Attend a three-hour training prior to the first day of camp (date TBD)
  • Complete Safe Schools training as assigned
  • Produce proof of valid CPR/First Aid training or complete training prior to start of camp
    • Training will be provided free of charge. Counselors who are unable to attend the free training must attend another training at their own expense and submit proof of completion.

application & interview tips


  • Make sure to spell check your application. Have someone proofread it before you submit.
  • Write in complete sentences and avoid using abbreviations and/or slang. This is not a text message. This is a job application.
  • You are applying for this job, not your parents.
  • Although you may not have actual job experience, do not discount babysitting or volunteer experiences that have allowed you to work with kids.
  • Make sure to fill in your references. These can be teachers, previous employers, volunteer coordinators, youth pastors, etc. Anyone who can vouch for your character and work ethic can be listed. Please no family members.
  • Ask your references if you can list them, and give them a heads up that they may be contacted.


  • Come prepared to the interview. Pick up a Parish Summer catalog and become familiar with the programs. Review the job description and responsibilities.
  • Review your own application before the interview. This information is where the interview typically starts.
  • Be on time (on time is 5 minutes early!).
  • Shake the interviewer's hand upon arrival and departure of the interview.
  • Do not slouch in your chair. This will give the interviewer the idea that you are not interested.
  • Send a thank you note.

Interested in Partnering?

outside vendors

If you are an outside vendor with a camp of your own or you are an educator who wants work in the summer, we would love to hear from you. Please email to express your interest.